• Download B-roll for Cancer Center (.mov, 111mb)
    Includes b-roll of: Swanson Hall, East of Durham Research Towers, Durham Outpatient Center parking garage, between research towers, Durham Outpatient Center, and bird’s-eye view of proposed location.


Terry Moore, president of Omaha Federation of Labor AFLCIO

  • “Turning the corner for our community” (11 sec)
    “This is going to turn the corner for our community. These are high paying jobs, which mean that’s going to turn over in our community about seven times. So this is a real economic boon for us.”


Tim Holland, principal, Holland Basham Architects


Don Leuenberger, vice chancellor of finance, UNMC

  • “Direct impact” (15 sec)
    “The direct impact of the project itself is an increase in payroll of $100 million dollars and 1,200 employees at UNMC and probably another $30 million in operating expenses spent here in the city.”
  • “Broader impact” (20 sec)
    “The broader impact though, is in the development that takes place around the campus that is private development. That goes on the property tax rolls. This is what we’re talking about as far as what is necessary to support the additional patients coming on campus – so hotels, amenities, all of those sorts of things.”


Mike McDermott, president, Metro Federal Credit Union

  • “Investment in growth” (14 sec)
    “As the med center has made investment in growth, our business has grown as well. When I started nearly 25 years ago, we had 12 employees and Metro Credit Union now has 112 employees in the Omaha area.”
  • “Great opportunity” (16 sec)
    UNMC really drives the local business. All the merchants that support the UNMC campus and the employees here and as you bring these new employees on campus it’s a great opportunity for us to continue to grow and really stimulate and economy right now that really isn’t moving.”

For more information, please contact

Tom O’Connor, UNMC Public Relations –, 402–559-4690
Taylor Wilson, Nebraska Medicine –, 402–559-7037